Rugs in the Making

How long does it take to make a rug? Are your rugs handmade?

A few questions that we get a lot here at Ruby Slipper. We want to take you on a whistle stop tour of our rug making process.

Yarn Opening

The raw yarn threads are opened ready for dying.


Once open, the yarn is submerged in water for up to 4 hours. This not only helps clean and soften the fibres, but prepares it for dying. Dying the yarn is all done by hand and a lengthy 3 – 4-hour process.

Yarn Drying

After dying, the yarn is hung to dry in the sunlight. Drying the yarn usually takes 1 day, or up to 2 – 3 days (in rainy season).

Yarn Spinning

Once dry, the yarn is put on a spinning machine and spun into a single thread roll. At this stage, the yarn process is complete.


White yarn is added to the loom for warping in preparation for weaving. Warping takes 2 days.


A part of the process that everyone knows. After warping, the weaving begins. Depending on the rug size and complexity, weaving can take 25+ days. All of our rugs are handwoven.


Once the weaving is complete, the rug is cut from the loom and hand-washed, ready for customers to place as soon as it is delivered.


Rugs are hung for drying up to 3 days depending on the season


Excess yarn is cut and the rug is given a full, post washing check. There is also one more final check at the end of the process.


Depending on the customers’ preferences, the rug goes through the binding or fringing process.

Final Checking

One last quality control check at the end of the process. Once each rug is signed off, it is packaged and set ready for shipping.

Creating Beauty

Pictures of Our Process

We are lucky enough to work with some of the most passionate and inspirational people in the world.

Here are a few snaps of these truly wonderful artisans!