Your Rug Sizing Guide

We have put together a great sizing guide to choosing your perfect rug and how you can arrange it.
Whether you are purchasing for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other space of the house, this guide is here to help.
Keep these key factors in mind and you will never buy a rug that is too small or big again.

Living Room

For smaller living rooms, choose to place all furniture off of the rug (with the exception of coffee tables).

For these smaller spaces, a smaller rug may be sufficient if necessary.


Slightly larger rooms and rugs may allow for a “half and half” approach. Place the front legs on the rug, but the back legs off to bring all elements closer together.

Finally, take advantage of your larger space by opting for a rug which can contain all of your furniture comfortably. This approach can be used to transform the space and really draw focus to your furniture and rug.


Choosing the right rug for your bedroom will be heavily influenced by it’s physical size.

For large, spacious rooms, strive for a rug that will comfortably cover the beds footprint as well as a space either side for walking. Aim to contain all bedside furniture within the rug.

If you prefer a smaller rug, you can move any tables onto the floor. For a more minimalistic style, place your rug to allow for sufficient walking room at the bottom of the bed and run it to half the beds length.

Runner rugs are a great option for twin rooms or even for placing either side of a larger bed. Rugs either side or at the end of the bed can often add a much cozier feel to the room.

Placing your round rug to one side of the bed or partially underneath (as you can see here) can not only draw attention to that area, but add some great texture and warmth to your room.

Dining Room

Whether you go for a square or circle rug, it should comfortably contain your table and chairs, even when chairs are pulled out.