Always Handmade, Always Beautiful

Plants and flowers have been key for any successful interior designer.

Our range of handmade plant pots are here to take that aesthetic to the next level. Our products aren’t just a function piece of design, but a story of how and where these unique items are created.

Add a plant to your new pot to give it a new crazy hairdo!

For delivery within Singapore, please allow 2-3 days.

Please check the pot size carefully as images alone don’t always give the best idea of size.

Thank you to everyone who purchased our beautiful, handmade pots.
We are excited to announce that more stock will be arriving in the coming week so stay tuned for some amazing new designs.

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About Our Unique Pots

Unique & Beautiful

We are always trying to find and improve the diversity in our products we offer and these pots do exactly that.

Handmade, unique and the best way to bring life to your room.

Fill yours with a plant, incense or even just as a feature piece.