Our Artisans

Woven textiles have been handmade by artisans across rural areas of India for thousands of years.

A trade and skill that has been passed down through generations and generations.

From dying to weaving, each of the several steps is done with care, passion and with the finest eye for detail.

For our Artisans, creating these beautiful pieces of interior artwork has not only been in the family for centuries but also, their only source of income. It is important to us here at Ruby Slipper that we not only help protect this trade but help nurture it to grow into a sustainable and successful business for these artisans.

We often take the time out to visit the small hamlets where Ruby Slipper rugs are created and to this day the passion and skills are still mind-blowing. Meeting with the artisans and their communities not only help us stay in touch with the bigger picture but helps us confidently ensure our brand values are being upheld. 

Helping these communities is of great importance, but staying true to the high standards and values that we set for Ruby Slipper is paramount.

We are extremely proud to support these wonderful and hugely talented people.

Keep up the fantastic work and we can’t wait to be back.

We have talked a little about our values within the communities of our artisans, but that is just the start.

Here are the four main areas that we focus on to guarantee not only quality but sustainability:

1 – Supporting Local Artisans

2 – No Child Labor

3 – Always Handmade

4 – High Quality

See more on these points by visiting the “Our Values” page