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Reviews & Testimonials

Hearing our customers kind words is always nice. Choosing, designing and buying your new rug can be a long process, even before you get in touch with us, so that wonderful feeling once it arrives and is placed is something to remember.

Here are some kind words for our lovely customers and friends.

Birgitte Vollerslev Rosenkilde


I have a large open kitchen, living and dining space, so I was looking for a rug that would help define my living room area. I wanted a beautiful, easy to maintain rug that fitted my space. Up until now, most of my rugs were purchased from Ikea because I used to have young kids and a puppy. Now that the kids are getting older, I’m looking for more of a statement rug

I was introduced to Ruby Slipper a few months ago by a friend who was a customer there. I choose them as I heard that they have good quality rugs that last a long time. I wasn’t sure if I should go for a Cotton or Jute Dhurrie (a type of thick flat-woven rug) but when I saw the Jute metallic rug sample on my floor, I knew I’d found the right piece. In fact, I love it so much, Im considering one for my dining area as well.

My shopping experience at Ruby Slipper went very smoothly. The sales team came to my house with samples, measured up and then we discussed different options before making a final decision. The rug arrived six weeks later just as I was promised.

Juliette Genillard


We relocated to Singapore supposedly for two years, but three years later we’re still here. We left most of our belongings in storage in Switzerland, so we had to furnish the entire house when we moved in. I knew what I didn’t want old carpets. But I didn’t have a specific idea in mind. Also, as we intended to stay for only a short period of time, we didn’t want to spend too much money. I remember talking to a friend about my carpet search and she immediately recommended Ruby Slipper’s website. 

I was instantly attracted to the fact the rugs were adapted to Singapore’s weather and lifestyle, and I found the choice of patterns and colours totally suitable for my situation. I liked the simplicity of the patterns, their Indian touch and the brightness of the colours, and I felt they could fit perfectly. I immediately sent an email to Lucy, who responded less than an hour later; I really appreciated her responsiveness.

I ended up purchasing seven rugs, one for each of my children’s bedrooms, one for our room, one for the guest room, one for the hall and one for the living room. The house was almost empty aside from some mostly black or white items, so I tried to give it personality and warmth by picking patterns and colours that would match my children’s personalities and ages.

Lucy offers a personalised service; she understands your wishes, gives sensible advice and has an eye for colour. She delivers the rugs herself and is very particular about the quality of the product; she runs her business in a very elegant manner

Julia Blank


Being a mom, a pet owner and an interior stylist I look for products that are beautiful but most importantly can adopt to our hot and humid SINGAPORE climate. The RS rugs are exactly that.

Light enough yet durable and easy to wash with a damp sponge. 

But above all, I appreciate the extra effort that RS staff provide. They are knowledgeable and very kind with their time.

Samira and son Ismail

United Kingdom

We relocated to Singapore earlier this year from an expat placement where our home was already fully and lavishly furnished. After thirteen years, I was faced with the daunting task of fitting out a house and decorating a home for my family When looking for somewhere to live, we found that most properties had limited natural light, whitewashed walls and plain flooring. I realised very early on that I needed rugs to add colour and vibrancy to the rooms in my house. 

Not knowing anyone in Singapore, I searched online ex-pat forums, and the store that repeatedly came up was Ruby Slipper. I contacted Farah who suggested that I visit their pop-up store to view some rugs. I was immediately drawn to their bright and brilliant colours and patterns. The rugs could also be customised to meet my requirements -in terms of size, colour and pattern – offering me the flexibility I needed. Farah also made multiple visits to my house with rugs and swatches to help me decide on the colours and sizes that complimented my new furniture; she really has an eye for colour and design, and I’m grateful for the many hours she spent and her patience with me. 

I ended up purchasing five rugs, ranging from a silver-embossed jute design for the dining and living areas to a colourful and wacky one for the children’s study They have all added to the character and comfort of our new home.

Ruby Around Town