How to Care For Your Cotton Goods

Buying a new rug for your home is a wonderful and enjoyable process, whether you are choosing a stock rug or custom ordering your own specifications.

These “How to Clean Your Rug” guidelines are to help keep your beautiful rug looking fresh and clean without the worry of damaging it.

Ruby Slipper rugs are pre-washed before delivery so you can go ahead and place it straight down, however, here are some tips to help you keep it clean

Cotton Dhurries

Our cotton dhurries are made from 100% cotton, they are strong, durable and washable. Being reversible, we recommend using a non-slip underlay to not only prevent creep, but to also protect the underside of your rug. 

We recommend spot cleaning spills with warm soapy water. To remove general dirt, simply hand-wash your rug with soap or mild detergent and then spray your rug with water from top to bottom and hang it to dry. 

Our rugs can also be sent to a reputable dry cleaner. They should never be put in the washing machine or dryer, nor washed with anything other than mild soap.

Cotton Cushions

Our Indian dhurrie cushions are handmade and can be used both indoor and outdoor (sheltered area). They are made using 100 % cotton and come in a large range of vibrant colours. They are durable, practical and washable.