Our Story

Since 2008 our team at Ruby Slipper have been creating and supplying beautiful handmade rugs to people all over the world. 

With clear goals and values, we not only assure quality but the sustainability of our products. Making sure that no child labour is used, rugs are always hand made and that we always support the local artisans.

Back in 2008, it was very difficult to find unique, high-quality rugs in Singapore and so the founder, on a trip to India, came across and purchased many beautiful, handmade dhurries for her home. It was this discovery that sparked the idea for Ruby Slipper, giving more people, easier access to these wonderful products.

The foundations of the company needed to be laid out clearly and concisely to ensure transparency and build trust with future customers. Ruby Slipper wants to not ensure a high-quality product, whilst simultaneously protecting their heritage.

These unique products are all handmade with skills that have been passed down through generations, so supporting these local artisans and ensuring no child labour is used, was and is extremely important.

Whats Changed? 

Over the years, our process hasn’t changed all that much. The one big difference has come from the evolution of patterns and colours. We now offer over 100 colours (including metallic) and upwards of 120 unique pattern designs and growing!

The want for bespoke, handcrafted goods is becoming more and more relevant in today’s market. Rightly so, we all want unique products to fit our own home and lifestyle and with Ruby Slippers’ ever-expanding catalogue of bespoke, one-off handmade products, we are sure to be able to help.